Margretha Koehn
Certified Natural Health Consultant  -  Licensed Massage Therapist
15943 East Jayhawker Rd. Nevada, MO 64772

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Meet Margretha Koehn

Margretha Koehn, Certified Natural Health Consultant and Licensed Massage Therapist (MO License # #2001007626) owns and operates Bionic Health. 

Margretha combines her strong faith in God with an acquired knowledge of natural herbal remedies and training in therapeutic massage techniques to bring a holistic balance to her clients.

She became interested in Chinese herbs and natural health over 30 years ago and pursued an education in the field.  She has been licensed for Massage Therapy since July, 1997 and has been practicing Reflexology since April, 1983. She became a Certified Natural Health Consultant in March, 2003. Margretha is also a Certified VoiceBio Practitioner.  VoiceBio which is another way of finding out what is going on in our bodies and how to correct it.

Margretha is continuing her education and is currently taking classes on Inner Healing. Realizing we have been created as a whole being; spirit, soul, and body, Margretha desires to meet the holistic needs of her clients.

Margretha's Personal Journey

Thirty years a go I also had bad allergies and, even with the doctor's strongest medications, I experienced terrible headaches. My allergies were so bad during the pollen season  that if someone walked across the room, I hurt. After using Nature's Sunshine Allergy Formula (ALJ) I can be outside working with the very things that caused me pain before. I can really enjoy life now, thanks to Nature's Sunshine..

I had a car accident on New Years Eve 1997.  As a result I got bad whiplash; and even though I was seeing a doctor, the pain got so bad in my back I could not straighten up at work . The doctor introduced me to a Massage Therapist and after my first massage I had so much pain relief I knew it was time I took the training. Ten years before I knew I would someday be giving massages; that was what God had for me to do, but I put it aside and forgot the call and went on with life until the accident. That's when I knew it was time to do what I was created to do.  

Herbs help the body get better, not cover symptoms; that is the big, big difference. I have used herbs and natural remedies for 30 years.  I  raised my children with them and now I am helping with my  grandchildren. I feel much better now then I did 30 years ago.  I also experience greater mobility and less joint pain.

It has been an exciting journey discovering so many wonderful plants that God gave us to help our bodies repair. I have many stories about how herbs made wonderful repairs. Once we found a pigeon on the road. It had a hole into its crop. I sewed it closed and used liquid chlorophyll on it. Other stories includes spider bites, and cutting a large hole in my finger.  These and more were healed nicely with herbal poultices. Herbs do an amazing job of giving the body the nutrition to heal. 

Now I have 5 acres which I am busy planting with lots of flowers, bushes and trees so anyone is welcome to come and enjoy God's healing beauty He has given us. A place of healing for spirit, soul, body.



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