Margretha Koehn
Certified Natural Health Consultant  -  Licensed Massage Therapist*
15943 East Jayhawker Rd. Nevada, MO 64772

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Back to the Bionic Health Home Page View the services provided by Bionic Health Information of Massage Therapy including techiques and rates. Consultation is availbel either by phone or in person.  Margretha also makes presentations to public or private groups. Pick up some quick tips for better health and weight loss. Frequently Asked Questions concerning health related issues and natural health products. Learn what others have to say about Bionic Health, Margretha and Nature's Sunshine Products. Learn the history of acient Chinese herbal medicine and see a list of Chinese herbs and their health benefits. Xylitol: The Amazing "Secret Sugar" that has many health benefits and is approved for diabetics. You can earn a part time or full time income with Nature's Sunshine products, we'll show you how. A variety of health related articles.  Scan the Titles and read them online or print them for your own use. Margretha can speak to your family or group about Natural Health or the Nature's Sunshine business Opportunity.  Get the details here. Meet Margretha Koehn and see what makes her tick. Ask a Heath related question or inquire about a product or service.

Believe, Invest, Organize Naturally
In Caring for your Health.

Let me introduce myself, I am  Margretha Koehn, Certified Natural Health Consultant and Licensed Massage Therapist. I am dedicated to helping people live better lives through natural health products and a variety of health services.

I also have a passion to help families by providing an opportunity for then to generate additional wealth as a Nature's Sunshine Independent Distributor. 

What You'll Find on My Web Site
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Exciting New Products for Pain Relief, Increased Energy and More Restful Sleep from CieAura
CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™ are a revolutionary new technology using tried and effective homeopathic treatments devised over the past 3000 years. The Transparent Holographic Chips™ effectively are computer programmed holograms which when applied to a person or animal, reacts with the person or animals’ natural bio-magnetic field surrounding the body, causing minute positive disruptions of the bio-field and causing the body to balance its own energies. Three different chips are available for different needs.  Visit the CieAura web site for complete information.  For a free sample contact: Margretha at

Health Blog
Thoughts, tips and comments on health, spirituality, NS products and more. Read Now...

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Purchase your natural health products directly online.  You will enjoy the peace of mind knowing every product is the best that is available and our secure online shopping system means you can shop with confidence.  Shop Now ...

Start Here: Get a Basic understanding of how your body works, and heals itself
This report will provide you with the basic understanding of how to naturally cooperate with your being for better health: spirit, soul and body. 
Find out more ...

Chinese Herbs
Learn the history of ancient Chinese herbal health practices.  You'll also find a list of Chinese herbs and their health benefits.  Find out more ...

Xylitol:  The Secret Natural Sugar
Researchers have discovered a natural sugar that has been shown have numerous health benefits.  The FDA has approved Xylitol for diabetic diets.  Find out more ...

Natural Health Tips, Training, & eLearning
My web site has several online resources: The Health Tips link will provide some quick ideas for generally improving your health and losing weight.  The Articles Archive has a variety or articles on natural health issues. Our Newest Service is eLearning. eLearning allows you to learn specifically about a variety of Nature's Sunshine products and how they impact your overall health. is Additionally I can also make presentation tailored to your family or group. Churches, civic organizations and others will appreciate and enjoy this health-oriented event.

We have used Nature's Sunshine Products for over 25 years. I help people improve their health and have the opportunity to increase their wealth using natural herbs and nutrition combined with lifestyle changes and massage, so they can have the energy, wellbeing and even finances to do what they want in life. Do you know anyone who would like to improve their health or increase their wealth?... We use the natural products and herbs with our own family and pets. I realized Natures Sunshine could be more than just great products. I realized it could be a great opportunity to help others. When I am able to do what I want to do and have the means to do it with, I realize, I'm living the kind of life I had always hoped I would. The choice is yours! Would you like to be healthy, wealthy and have fun doing it? Feel free to look around. You may find a business opportunity that meets your needs or maybe you will find some terrific natural health advice. You will certainly find products with quality that is unsurpassed in the natural health industry.


 *Missouri Massage Therapist License #2001007626

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